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Following a road accident, one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is which attorney (lawyer) to appoint to represent your case. The attorney and law firm are the team that will take your claim from beginning through to cash in the bank.

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How to Find the Best Road Accident Fund Lawyer

Imagine getting a property lawyer helping you fight a case of unfair dismissal against your employer. Or a business lawyer helping with a divorce case. The same thing applies with Road Accident Fund claims. The practice of third-party litigation (RAF claims) is a specialist area of law.

What’s more is that a firm which is good at claiming on behalf of child dependents might not be good at claiming for head injuries. A Johannesburg firm might not be able to properly service clients from KZN. And the list goes on.

Unfortunately, not all firms are well set up to get the best results for their Road Accident Fund clients.

Attorney specializing in third-party motor liability claims

It can be convenient going to the lawyer closest to where you stay. It can feel comforting appointing the attorney that your neighbor recommended. It can feel reassuring going to the firm with the flashy office building. But none of these is likely to be the best choice for you.

It is not easy to tell a good attorney from a bad one based a quick meeting or introduction.

Characteristics of the Best RAF Attorneys

The right MVA Attorney (Motor Vehicle Accident) should have the following qualities:

Choosing the wrong attorney firm could literally cost you hundreds of thousands of Rands in your back pocket and add months or even years to onto the process.

This is an extremely important decision and should not be taken lightly!


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The only real way to find the best attorney is by having inside information and the ability to compare against hundreds of firms across the country.

We have been in the RAF world for a long time and have seen it all.

With RAF LAW we collect all the relevant details of your specific claim and match you with the most appropriate law firm given your circumstances.

RAF LAW – Your Trusted Guide to Finding the Right Road Accident Fund Attorney.


How it Works

1️⃣ Complete form giving us all the relevant information of your claim

2️⃣ We compare your details against our database of hundreds of attorneys to find the perfect fit

3️⃣ We make the introduction between you and the lawyers.

4️⃣If you’re happy then a mandate is signed, and the claim process kicks off

Features & Benefits


Get the best RAF attorneys in the country suited to your specific circumstances

No Brainer

Nothing to loose. If you are not happy with our recommendation you don’t have to proceed

No Additional Cost

Zero additional cost to you.


Quick and efficient

Risk Free

All attorneys work on a "no-win no-fee" basis

Client Testimonials

β€œI was helping my mom with her RAF claim. Her injuries were terrible and we needed an attorney that was caring and patient. RAF LAW helped us find an amazing lady who really understood us. Two years later we got R2.3 million and a bunch of flowers!”
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β€œI am living in Ga-Rankuwa (North of Pretoria). Mostly I am in bed. It is difficult to get taxis to the doctors. RAF LAW found me a lawyer with a driver who came to fetch me for all my appointments. Thank you”
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β€œAfter the accident I lost my job. It was very important to get the biggest payment from Road Accident Fund because this money must last for many years. Our attorney worked slower than I'd hoped, but the R4.8 million was worth the wait!!”
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The Road Accident Fund is a state-supported insurance fund in South Africa that provides compensation to victims of road accidents. A specialized RAF attorney is needed because RAF claims involve specific legal knowledge and expertise.

Look for an attorney with specialist experience in RAF cases, a track record of winning large claims, access to efficient courts and medical experts, ethical practice, and strong communication skills. Avoid choosing based solely on convenience or recommendations without researching the attorney’s qualifications and experience in RAF claims.

A competent RAF attorney should have expertise in RAF cases, a successful claim history, a well-staffed support team, access to top courts and medical experts, a clean ethical record, insurance against fund misappropriation, trustworthiness, fair pricing, and excellent communication skills.

Choosing the right attorney is crucial as the wrong choice can cost you significantly in terms of potential compensation and add unnecessary delays to your claim process.

RAF LAW is a service that matches your specific claim details with an appropriate law firm from their extensive database, helping you find the most suitable attorney for your RAF claim.

RAF LAW’s process involves completing a form with your claim details, comparing your case against a database of attorneys, making an introduction to the lawyers, and proceeding with a mandate if you’re satisfied with the match.

Benefits include access to a wide range of skilled RAF attorneys suited to your specific case, risk-free recommendations (as you’re not obliged to proceed), quick and efficient service, and the assurance that all attorneys work on a “no-win no-fee” basis.

If you’re not satisfied with the recommended attorney, there is no obligation to proceed with their services. You can simply walk away, no questions asked.