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Tailor Made Funding Solution for Road Accident Fund Attorneys

Running a personal injury law firm can be extremely rewarding as well as financially worthwhile.

Road Accident Fund work in particular provides the opportunity for outsized fees through contingency fee mandates.

However, as all MVA attorneys know, the deferred nature of cashflows can put extreme pressure on the firm and its directors.

Said differently:Β “Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity but only Cash is King!”

This is especially true during the growth stages of a firm, as cash outflows exceed inflows.

This can be extremely stressful, as you need to weigh the demands of creditors, against the future potential growth of the firm.

With RAF Attorney Bridging Finance you can say goodbye to cashflow worries.


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Be Prepared for the Next RAF Block Settlements

You have carried the cost of litigation for years – from lodgment through to settlement.

This includes marketing costs, expert reports and other disbursements. Not to mention the overheads, rent and salaries which you have paid over the years.

You have settled matters waiting on the RNYP list, but the Road Accident Fund will only release payment in 180 days or longer.

This means your fees are effectively stuck, leaving you unable to access the cash to progress new cases for settlement.

If there was a way to accelerate your trapped fees, this would facilitate the fast-tracking of other matters – thereby boosting future profits.

Illustration of the delayed payment process for Road Accident Fund claims with a stressed attorney.

Waiting 180 Days for settled claims to pay puts strain on a firm's working capital, thereby limiting the funding available to invest in growth opportunities.


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But finally, there is an answer.

RAF CAPITAL offers attorney bridging finance solutions which allows you to access a portion of your contingent fees on the RNYP.

Simple, easy and secure.

Get growth capital swiftly with a RAF Attorney Bridging Advance.


How it Works

1️⃣ Complete the application form

2️⃣ Select which cases on your RNYP to unlock your fees

3️⃣ Paperwork and agreements complete

4️⃣ Funds are paid out immediately

5️⃣ No fixed monthly instalment. Repayment when funds are paid by the Road Accident Fund – no stress.

What Makes Us Different

Accelerate Growth

Pay experts & progress pipeline

Mitigate Risk

Keep momentum so clients don't terminate mandates


Quick and easy


Straightforward. No hidden costs

Match Cashflow

Repay when RAF pays you


No long-term debt, short term financing


Only discount your outstanding earned fees

Case Studies

Unlock Growth Opportunities

A Pretoria based personal injury firm was paying R40 000 per month in rent.

An opportunity presented itself to purchase a property for R3 million. The property was on a main arterial allowing easy access for client consultations. It also had a billboard for marketing, and amble space for future growth.

The directors secured a bank loan subject to 20% deposit (R600 000).

The monthly instalment would be less than the current rent, making the opportunity a ‘no brainer’.


The firm had R6 million on their RNYP.

This corresponded to R1.5 million in contingency fees due to be paid over the next 6-months.

RAF Cash discounted 40% (R600 000) of the outstanding fees, allowing the directors to quickly capitalise on the opportunity.

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Bridging Finance Solution That Delivers

A Johannesburg based firm had secured a block settlement with RAF for 5 of their clients.

However, the medico-legal experts were refusing to release their reports until their fee of R250 000 was settled.

Time was running out and the firm risked losing their block settlement date, and frustrating their relationship with the experts.


The firm had a case which was 90 days old on their RNYP.

The settlement was R2 million, representing a R500 000 outstanding fee for the firm.

RAF Cash facilitated an advance of 50% of their fee, which allowed them pay for the reports to be released and the block settlement to go ahead.

The 5 clients were happy to have settlement offers. The experts were happy to be paid on time.

Most importantly the attorney was happy to receive over R6 million in settlements for the 5 cases, representing R1.5 million in fees.

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RAF Attorney Bridging Solutions offers Road Accident Fund plaintiff attorneys an immediate cash advance against their contingent fees locked up on the RNYP.

The process involves completing an application form, after which you will receive an obligation-free quotation. Once paperwork and agreements are complete, funds are paid out immediately. The repayment occurs once RAF pays the matter.

The applicant needs to be a registered law firm with a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate. The directors need a track record of RAF litigation, with settled matters on the RNYP.

While we are not prescriptive about the use of funds, we do prefer that capital is used for the growth of the firm. Typical examples include:
– Paying for expert reports
– Paying for other litigation costs (eg advocate fees)
– Hiring new staff
– Various investment opportunities

Our credit experts determine pricing based on a risk assessment of your firm and directors.

Our pricing is straightforward with no hidden costs.

We do not believe in charging compound interest (interest on top of interest).

You don’t pay us until RAF pays you.

Apply now and get an obligation-free quote

Our financing is specialised for personal injury firms who litigate against the Road Accident Fund.

MVA does not need to be 100% of the firm’s revenue, but it should be a meaningful contributor.

We understand that growth opportunities are time sensitive. We do everything possible to fast-track applications. Payout is typically made on the same day as the contracting is finalised.