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Road Accident Fund claims take a long time. Even after you receive a settlement, it can take 6-months or longer until you get paid. Bridging finance allows you to access immediate an upfront cash payment today while you wait.

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Tired of Waiting for the Road Accident Fund

Congratulations and well done on getting your Road Accident Fund (RAF) case finalized. It has been a long period of years and months to get finally get a court-order or settlement-agreement.

But unfortunately this is not the end of the road.

Did you know that it can still take 180 days (6 months) or longer until the RAF make payment?

Accident Victims receive bridging finance cash advance while waiting for the Road Accident Fund to pay

This delay can be a problem where you and your family have short-term cash requirements that cannot wait so long, such as:

πŸ— Buying food and other daily needs
🏠 Paying for rent or housing
πŸ“– Educational costs and school fees
🩺 Medical costs
πŸ‘΅πŸ‘ΆΒ Family needs and responsibilities
🏑 Buying a property or investing in other income-earning assets

Did you know that it can still take 180 days (6 months) or longer until the RAF make payment?


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But finally, there is an answer.

RAF CASH is our bridging finance solution which allows you to access a portion of your RAF payout early.

Simple, easy and secure.

Get your RAF claim funds swiftly with RAF CASH Bridging Advance.


How it Works

1️⃣ Complete the application form

2️⃣ We contact your attorney – everything is transparent and aboveboard

3️⃣ Paperwork and agreements complete

4️⃣ Funds are paid out immediately

5️⃣ On collection of funds from the Road Accident Fund, your attorney will pay us back – no stress.

Qualifying Criteria

The following qualifying criteria to access a claimant bridging cash advance:

  • Claimants must have a lawyer / attorney (Direct claimants are not approved).
  • Claimants must have a finalised RAF case (Either a court-order or settlement-agreement).

Looking for a RAF Attorney?Β  We can help with that!

Thinking of how to save your RAF payout? We can help with that too!

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Features & Benefits


No credit checks


No monthly installment


Competitive rates


Quick and easy


Ethical and fair offerings – attorney validated.

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Client Testimonials

β€œAfter 5 years of waiting I finally had my day in court and a successful claim of R1.2 million. When my attorney told me it would still take another 6-months for payment I broke down and cried. My mother was ill and needed urgent medical attention. Thanks to RAF CASH for helping me out and quickly provided the required funds.”
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β€œI don’t know what I would have done without RAF CASH. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
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β€œIt’s the personal touch which I really appreciated. You are not going to get bank branch treatment. Instead you’ll get someone knowledgeable who can help you get what you need with dignity and respect.
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RAF Cash Bridging Solutions offers a bridging finance service for people who have successfully claimed from the Road Accident Fund (RAF). This service allows clients to receive an upfront cash payment while they await the final payout from the RAF, which can take 6 months or more.

Any individual who has successfully finalized a Road Accident Fund claim and is awaiting the payment can apply. The service is designed to help those facing immediate financial needs while waiting for their RAF settlement.

The advance can be used for various immediate needs such as buying food, paying rent or housing, educational costs, medical expenses, family responsibilities, or investing in income-earning assets.

Yes. Unfortunately we are unable to assist direct-settlement claimants. RAF CASH is aboveboard and works in conjunction with your attorney.

Unfortunately we cannot assist RAF claimants until they have a valid court-order or settlement agreement. If your case is not yet finalized and you want to learn more about the RAF processes you can join our newsletter.

The process involves completing an application form, after which RAF Bridging Solutions will contact your attorney to ensure transparency. Once paperwork and agreements are complete, funds are paid out immediately. The repayment occurs once the funds from the RAF are collected by your attorney.