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Get In Touch: Road Accident Fund Contact Details

All Road Accident Fund (RAF) contact details. A crucial guide for anyone dealing with road accidents.

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Warning sign for emergency services in case of a motor vehicle accident
Emergency Contact Numbers

When you are in an emergency do not contact Road Accident Fund.

Your primary concern should be the health and safety of those involved in the accident.

Below are some useful contact details:

  • Police Flying Squad – 10111
  • Ambulance – 10177
  • Cellphone Emergency – 112 (MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom)
  • Difficulty with Emergency Services – 1022

Keeping track of your communications with the Road Accident Fund (RAF) is essential for a smooth and efficient claims process.

We are excited to offer a Free Downloadable Contact Log Template designed to help you maintain detailed records of every interaction.

This log includes fields for the date, time, method of contact, contact person, reference number, and notes.

By using this tool, you can ensure that all your communications are organized, making it easier to follow up on claims, track progress, and provide necessary information when needed.

Download our Contact Log template today to take control of your RAF claim process!

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) serves as a crucial resource for motor accident victims in South Africa, offering various forms of assistance and compensation.

People commonly contact the RAF for numerous reasons, such as:

  • lodging a direct claim,
  • enquiring about the required information to open a claim,
  • understanding the available benefits,
  • determining if family members can assist an injured person to claim,
  • following up on the status of an existing claim,
  • seeking information about attorneys,
  • inquiring about payment schedules,
  • understanding expected timelines for next steps or finalization, and
  • requesting additional information.


This guide provides detailed contact information to help you reach the RAF efficiently.

There are several different ways to contact the Road Accident Fund (RAF). We will cover each of these in turn.

The best way to get in touch will depend on your specific query.

    • RAF Contact Center

    • Road Accident Fund Head Office

    • RAF Walk in Centers

    • Community Service Centers

    • RAF Regional Offices

    • Alternative Contact Details

    • Social Media

RAF Contact Center

The Call Center isย  your best starting point for general queries such as:


    • How to lodge a claim

    • Clarifying who is eligible to make a claim

    • Required documentation

    • Deadline for claim submission

    • Inquiring how to appeal a decision made by the RAF on a claim

    • Road Accident payment related queries

The Contact Centre is open weekdays, excluding public holidays. Monday to Friday 07:45 – 16:00.

Contact Centre(+27) 087 820 1 111
Mon-Fri: 07h45 to 16h00

What is the RAF WhatsApp Number?

Unfortunately the Road Accident Fund does not have a WhatsApp number. You will need to communicate via phone, email face-to-face at one their centers listed further below.

Road Accident Fund Contact Details

Need to contact the Road Accident Fund?

Contact center: 087 820 1111

Head Office: 2 Eco Glades Office Park, 420 Witch Hazel Avenue, Centurion

A qualified RAF consultant will be able to assist you in English, Zulu, and Sepedi.

We recently heard rumors that it was difficult to get through to the contact center, and that the consultants were rude and unhelpful.ย 

In order to test this assertion we placed 50 calls through to the Road Accident Fund Contact Center at random times over a period of 2 weeks.

The results were surprisingly pleasant. 49 out of 50 calls were answered on the first call.

Consultants were professional and courteous.

Based on our experience we would definitely recommend using the above phone number to begin.

User Experienceย 

Have you had good or bad experiences communicating with the Road Accident Fund?

Got tips or insights(e.g. response time, efficiency, helpfulness of the staff, etc.)ย  which could be useful for other RAF claimants, or couldย  provide valuable insight to readers?

Leave a comment at the end of this article.

Road Accident Fund: Head Office

For some questions you need face-to-face engagement with someone at the Road Accident Fund.

If you are located in the Gauteng region then the RAF Head Office in Centurion is a good place to start.

Details of Road Accident Fund community service centers are below:

Physical Address
2 Eco Glades Office Park
420 Witch Hazel Avenue

Telephone Number
(012) 621 1691

Fax Number
(012) 621 1640

Postal Address
Private Bag X178

Logo of the Road Accident Fund on a glass partition in the head office lobby.

RAF Walk in Centers

For those needing a personal touch but are located outside of Gauteng, the Road Accident Fund have walk-in centers located at the major metros across South Africa.ย 

Walk-in centers accept RAF claimants on a walk-in basis and with no appointment required.

Map of South Africa showing locations of Road Accident Fund Walk-in Centres marked with orange pins.

Details of Road Accident Fund walk-in centers are below:

  • Limpopo, Vhembe:

    • Location: Makwarela Municipality, Thohoyandou
    • Physical Address: Makwarela Government Complex, Sibasa
    • Contact Number: 015 963 0007
  • Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth:

    • Location: Main Post Office Building
    • Physical Address: 575 Govan Mbeki St, North End, Gqeberha, 6000
    • Contact Number: 041 505 5901 / 041 505 5911
  • Western Cape, Beaufort West:

    • Location: BP Office Park
    • Physical Address: Office No. 1, BP Office Park, Voortrekker St, Beaufort West, 6970
    • Contact Number: 023 415 1207
  • Eastern Cape, Mthatha:

    • Location: Botha Cigcau Building
    • Physical Address: Corner Leeds and Owen Street, Norwood, Mthatha, 5100
    • Contact Number: 047 531 0427
  • KwaZulu-Natal, New Castle:

    • Location: Newcastle Walk-in Centre
    • Physical Address: 4 Hospital St, Newcastle Central, Newcastle, 2940
    • Contact Number: 034 312 9361 / 062 197 5781
Contact details for Road Accident Fund walk-in centres across South Africa

Community Service Centers

The RAF also runs several community service centers.

These areย  used for the RAF Patient Outreach Program manned by the Field Case Managers.

The key differences between a walk-in center and a Community Service Centre are:


    • Walk-in centers cater for inbound queries. Community service centers go out to clients.

    • Community service centers focus primarily on the post-accident period, where patients have queries relating to the Road Accident Fund and how to get started. Walk-in centers will be better placed to answer your questions at any stage of the RAF process.
South African map depicting various Road Accident Fund Community Service Centres with green location pins and orange rays.

Details of Road Accident Fund community service centers are below:

  • Free State, Bloemfontein:

    • Physical Address: 49 Fedsure Building, Floor 5, Charlotte Maxeke Street, Bloemfontein, 9301
    • Telephone Number: 051 400 8700
  • Northern Cape, Kimberly:

    • Physical Address: 3 Reginald De Villiers St., Monument Heights, Kimberley, 8301
    • Telephone Number: 053 836 2300
  • Mpumalanga, Nelspruit:

    • Physical Address: 36 Van Rensburg St., Sonheuwel Central, Mbombela, 1201
    • Telephone Number: 013 754 2380
  • Limpopo, Polokwane:

    • Physical Address: 79 Hans Van Rensburg St., Polokwane Central, Polokwane, 0700
    • Telephone Number: 015 230 3300
  • North West, Mafikeng:

    • Physical Address: 4214 Palmer Cres., Leopard Park, Mahikeng
    • Telephone Number: 018 388 9706
  • KwaZulu-Natal, Durban:

    • Physical Address: 199 Smith St., Durban Central, Durban, 4001
    • Telephone Number: 031 365 2800
  • KwaZulu-Natal, Newcastle:

    • Physical Address: 79 Harding St., Newcastle CBD, Newcastle, 2940
    • Telephone Number: 034 312 9361
  • Eastern Cape, East London:

    • Physical Address: 20 Drury Ln, East London CBD, East London, 5201
    • Telephone Number: 043 702 7749
  • Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth:

    • Physical Address: 595 Govan Mbeki St., North End, Gqeberha, 6001
    • Telephone Number: 012 471 8414
Contact details for Road Accident Fund community service centres across South Africa

Regional Offices

Regional Offices are central points where all claims are lodged andย  processed.

These offices house Information Officers who assist with the lodgments of direct claims as well as updates on claim status.ย 

These Offices also serve as Provincial Offices for the fund.

Map highlighting the Road Accident Fund Regional Offices in South Africa with bright orange markers.

Details of Road Accident Fund regional office are below:

  • Gauteng, Johannesburg:

    • Physical Address: 10 Junction Ave, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193
    • Postal Address: Private Bag X02, Johannesburg, 2000
    • Numbers: Tel: 011 223 0000, Fax: 011 223 0100
  • Gauteng, Pretoria:

    • Physical Address: 38 Ida Street, Menlo Park, 0081
    • Postal Address: P.O. Box 2743, Pretoria, 0001
    • Numbers: Tel: 012 429 5000
  • KwaZulu-Natal, Durban:

    • Physical Address: 12th Floor, The Embassy Building, 199 Anton Lembede Street, Durban, 4001
    • Postal Address: Private Bag X54371, Durban, 4001
    • Numbers: Tel: 031 365 2800, Fax: 031 365 2900
  • Eastern Cape, East London:

    • Physical Address: Metropolitan Life Building, c/o Drury Lane and Caxton Street, East London, 5201
    • Postal Address: Private Bag X9000, East London, 5200
    • Numbers: Tel: 043 702 7800, Fax: 043 702 7850
  • Western Cape, Cape Town:

    • Physical Address: 7th Floor, No. 1 Thibault Square, Long Street, Cape Town, 8001
    • Postal Address: Private Bag X28, Rogge Bay, 8012
    • Numbers: Tel: 021 408 3300, Fax: 021 419 7417 / 8740
  • Gauteng, Centurion:

    • Physical Address: 420 Witch Hazel Avenue, Eco Glades Office Park, Centurion, 0046
    • Numbers: Tel: 012 621 1691, Fax: 012 621 1640
Contact details for Road Accident Fund regional offices across South Africa

Field Case Managers

After being discharged from the hospital, the Field Case Managers are the ones whoย  make home visits in order to make recommendations regarding ongoing health care and/or rehabilitation needs.ย 

Field case managers can also refer patients to the appropriate medical professionals.

A client consultation in progress with a Road Accident Fund Field Case Manager.

Details of Road Accident Fund field case managers are below:

  • Western Cape, Cape Town:

    • Full Name: Pumla Mkaza
    • Numbers: Tel: 021 408 3678, Cell: 083 640 3606, Fax: 021 405 1535
  • Gauteng, Pretoria:

    • Full Name: Pauline Zwane
    • Numbers: Tel: 012 429 6362, Cell: 083 637 0679, Fax: 012 392 5001
  • Eastern Cape, East London:

    • Full Name: P.J. Headbush
    • Numbers: Tel: 043 702 7749, Cell: 083 627 5315, Fax: 047 702 775
  • Limpopo, Polokwane:

    • Full Name: Mapula Kgopa
    • Numbers: Tel: 015 291 395, Cell: 083 641 9761, Fax: 015 291 3951
  • KwaZulu Natal, Newcastle:

    • Full Name: Lindiwe Shange
    • Numbers: Tel: 034 312 7946, Fax: 034 312 1453
  • KwaZulu Natal, Durban:

    • Full Name: Nolwandle Duma
    • Numbers: Tel: 031 365 2998, Cell: 083 579 2287, Fax: 031 365 2903
  • Western Cape, Cape Town:

    • Full Name: Sindiswa Banzana
    • Numbers: Tel: 021 408 3469, Cell: 082 806 3586
  • Free State, Welkom:

    • Full Name: Marjorie Rantsane
    • Numbers: Tel: 057 357 1198, Cell: 083 637 0682, Fax: 057 357 2860
  • Eastern Cape, Port Elizabeth:

    • Full Name: Patricia Singqomo
    • Numbers: Tel: 041 582 2228, Cell: 083 677 5365, Fax: 041 581 2581
  • Limpopo, Tzaneen:

    • Full Name: Dorcas Makhuvela
    • Numbers: Tel: 015 307 6489, Cell: 083 000 0000, Fax: 015 307 6489
  • KwaZulu Natal, Durban:

    • Full Name: Dudu Makatini
    • Numbers: Tel: 031 365 2731, Cell: 083 000 0000, Fax: 031 365 2731
  • Mpumalanga, Nelspruit:

    • Full Name: Catherine Tshivhase
    • Numbers: Tel: 013 000 0000, Cell: 083 000 0000, Fax: 013 000 0000
  • Gauteng, Johannesburg:

    • Full Name: Zanele Mogale
    • Numbers: Tel: 011 000 0000, Cell: 083 000 0000, Fax: 011 000 0000
  • Gauteng, Pretoria:

    • Full Name: Salamina Theledi
    • Numbers: Tel: 012 000 0000, Cell: 083 325 2026
Contact details for Road Accident Fund field case managers across South Africa

Alternative Contact Details

Need assistance with specific issues not related to your immediate claim?

Below are some of the other direct RAF contact details.

Report RAF Unethical Conduct

0800 111 224

[email protected]


Report RAF Fraud

[email protected]


Report RAF Complaints

[email protected]


Road Accident Fund: Personal Information Request

[email protected]


RAF Website

For other details visit the Road Accident Fund website

Social Media

The Road Accident Fund are active and responsive to the community online.

Like, share and follow them on most social media platforms below:

Infographic detailing how to contact the Road Accident Fund (RAF) in South Africa
Infographic: Learn the key methods and reasons for contacting the Road Accident Fund, along with essential tips and contact details. Download our free RAF Claim Contact Log Template to stay organized.


In conclusion, navigating the Road Accident Fund and its processes and services in South Africa can be a complex task, but with the detailed contact information and resources provided in this article, individuals affected by road accidents are better equipped to seek the assistance they need.

From emergency contacts to specific RAF services, we’ve covered a range of vital information to guide you through the process.


If you find yourself needing more information or assistance with the RAF process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our team is dedicated to providing support and guidance to help you manage your claim effectively.

Remember, dealing with the aftermath of a road accident can be challenging, but you don’t have to navigate it alone.

With the right information and support, you can take the necessary steps towards a resolution.

Stay informed, and don’t hesitate to seek the help you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can lodge a direct claim by contacting the RAF through their call center, email, or visiting a walk-in center.

You’ll need personal identification, accident details, medical reports, and any witness statements.

Benefits include compensation for medical expenses, loss of income, and general damages for pain and suffering.

    • Yes, family members can assist by gathering necessary documents and helping with communication.
  • ย 

You can follow up by calling the RAF contact center, emailing, or visiting a regional office.

Contact your assigned case manager or the RAF call center for specific timelines and next steps.

The RAF can provide information on recommended attorneys, or you can consult independent legal advice.

Payments are typically processed after the claim is finalized, but specific timelines can be provided by the RAF, but this is usually 180 days.

Record the date, time, method of contact, contact person, reference number, and any notes about the discussion.

You can request additional information through their call center, email, or by visiting a community service center.


  • Claim: A formal request for compensation due to a road accident.
  • Compensation: Payment given for loss, damage, or injury.
  • General Damages: Compensation for non-monetary losses like pain and suffering.
  • Loss of Income: Compensation for wages lost due to injury from an accident.
  • Medical Reports: Documents detailing medical conditions and treatments related to the accident.
  • Witness Statements: Written or oral accounts from individuals who saw the accident.
  • Case Manager: An RAF representative who handles and oversees your claim.
  • Walk-in Centre: A physical location where claimants can get assistance and information.
  • Community Service Centre: Local centers offering support and information for RAF claimants.
  • Regional Office: RAF offices serving larger geographic areas for claims processing and support.
  • Reference Number: A unique identifier assigned to each claim for tracking purposes.
  • Attorney: A legal professional who assists with RAF claims and legal processes.
  • Timelines: Estimated time frames for the various stages of the RAF claims process.
  • Finalization: The completion of the RAF claim process, leading to compensation.
  • Communication Log: A record of all interactions and correspondences with the RAF.

Did you know...

  • Did you know: The RAF provides compensation not only for physical injuries but also for loss of income and general damages for pain and suffering.
  • Did you know: Family members can assist an injured person in submitting a claim to the RAF.
  • Did you know: You can follow up on your RAF claim status by contacting the RAF call center or visiting a regional office.
  • Did you know: The RAF offers walk-in centres, community service centres, and regional offices across South Africa to assist claimants.
  • Did you know: Keeping a detailed communication log can significantly streamline your RAF claim process.
  • Did you know: You need personal identification, accident details, medical reports, and witness statements to open an RAF claim.
  • Did you know: The RAF can provide information on recommended attorneys to help with your claim.
  • Did you know: Payments from the RAF are typically processed after the claim is finalized, but you can enquire about specific timelines from your case manager.
  • ย 


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      I can help u
      The down payment for my lawyers is R5000
      But you need to pay 20% of the payout when u are done
      Mine took 4 months to approve

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