How to Save your RAF Payout

You have a settlement agreement or court-order from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) and pay-day is finally within sight. What an incredible milestone! It’s now time to start thinking about you and your family’s future.

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The Dangers of a Large Payout

You might not believe it, but having hundreds of thousands or even millions of Rands landing in your bank account has its dangers.

Road accident victim having finalized him claim

β›” Friends and family may become resentful or envious
β›” Overwhelming number of requests for donations and financial assistance
β›” Overspending on cars, houses and fancy clothing is a real thing
β›” Poor investment decisions leading to financial loss
β›” Increased risk of becoming a target for theft or burglary

Don’t become another face on β€˜I Blew It’

This is a once-in-a-lifetime payout.
If used correctly, the funds can set you up financially for the future.

Financial Planning

It’s important to get the right financial advice and save at least a portion of the cash to grow and work for you.

But it can be confusing to understand the various savings and investment options.

Don’t let this stand in the way of doing what is right for the long-term benefit of you and your family.

Failing to plan - is planning to fail.


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We specialise in the Road Accident Fund, and helping RAF claimants make the best financial decisions with their payouts.Β 

RAF SAVE takes our knowledge and refers you a trusted financial advisor to assess your specific circumstances and guide you on how to make your money last and grow for the long-term.

Join the smart savers with RAF SAVE – Your trusted partner in everything Road Accident Fund!


How it Works

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Client Testimonials

β€œI never appreciated it at the time, but the temptation to overspend is very real. I am an accounting student and I thought I knew about money. But when R1.7 million came into my bank account the first place I went was the BMW dealership to get my dream car. That was 3 years ago. Now the engine is a problem and I can’t afford spare parts. Better financial advice would have gone a long way.”
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β€œR2.5 million seemed like an impossible amount of money to spend. But 8 months later it was all gone. I would be bankrupt if it wasn’t for you convincing me to put R300k into a savings account, which has now grown to R500k. I should have saved more.”
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β€œMy wife convinced me to look at RAF SAVE. Fast forward 6 years and my R2.7 million is now almost R5 million and still growing. Best decision of my life!”

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The RAF payout is a settlement agreement or court-order compensation received from the Road Accident Fund, typically awarded to victims of road accidents in South Africa.

Receiving a large payout can be overwhelming and can lead to financial missteps like overspending, poor investment choices, and becoming a target for theft. Proper planning ensures long-term financial security.

Dangers include resentment or envy from friends and family, numerous requests for financial help, the temptation to overspend on luxury items, making poor investment decisions, and increased risk of theft or burglary.

RAF SAVE specializes in assisting RAF claimants. We refer you to a trusted financial advisor who assesses your circumstances and guides you on how to make your money last and grow long-term.

You start by completing a form, after which a qualified financial advisor gathers your information, provides a free specialist investment plan, and if you agree, the plan is actioned.

Benefits include access to top performing investment and savings products in South Africa, a cost-effective and ethical solution, no cost or obligation proposal, and specialized advice in RAF matters.

While it’s not mandatory to save the entire payout, it’s wise to save a significant portion to ensure future financial stability and growth.

While it’s possible, professional advice is recommended due to the complexities of financial planning and investment, especially with large sums.