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RAF delays create cashflow pressure for both attorneys and their clients. Our expert capital solutions solve these funding challenges.

Attorney Solutions

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RAF Capital

➑ Legal funding solutions for RAF personal injury attorney directors to accelerate growth, by financing legal practice requirements for medical expert reports, litigation disbursements, and firm working capital.

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RAF Cash

➑ A bridging solution which allows you to access a portion of your settlement early. Our process is quick, easy and transparent; offering the most competitive rates in the market.

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➑ A service to help road accident victims sift through hundreds of available law firms to select the best attorney for your specific circumstances.

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RAF Save

➑ Access to specialist investment advice for road accident victims helping them save and grow their RAF funds payout so that their money works for them over the long-term.

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Is your RAF claim stuck in mud or lost in the wind?

We can help!

The process of claiming from RAF can be complex and frustrating. It is not uncommon for claimants to get lost in the process with nobody they can trust to turn for help. That’s where ClaimAssist comes in.

Road Accident Claim Assist service for claimants needing assistance with their RAF process
Road accident victim having finalized him claim

Looking for bridging cash against your settled claim?

We can help!

Did you know that after receiving successfully finalizing your RAF claim you’ll still need to wait 180-days (6-months) or even longer? We help RAF claimants and their families to bridge this gap by accessing a portion of their RAF payout early.

Trying to work out how best to save your RAF payout?

We can help!

RAF payments can be very big – hundreds of thousands or even millions of Rands. While it may be tempting to spend it all on a fancy house, car or clothing it is important to use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest at least a portion of the cash to set you up for long-term success.

Money being invested and grown over time through prudent savings and investments
A personal injury attorney consulting with a road accident client

Been in a accident and need a lawyer (attorney)?

We can help!

Did you know that there are thousands of RAF attorneys (lawyers) in South Africa, and picking the wrong one can cost you hundreds of thousands of Rands and delay your claim by months or even years?!? We can help you find the needle in a haystack and pick the right attorney for you and your family.

Fees Locked up on your RNYP Holding Back Firm Growth?

We can help!

Running a contingency fee legal practice can put significant pressure on cashflows. This can prevent you from servicing your clients as required, paying for expert reports, and progressing matters to conclusion. We help you unlock hidden value in your firm to accelerate growth quickly.

For Personal Injury Attorney Firms

Road Accident Victim at the scene of the accident

Client Testimonials

"I was struggling to find an attorney who was reliable and could get things done quickly. There are so many lawyers around but who to trust? These guys helped me narrow down my search."
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"After 6 years we finally got a settlement for my son, only to be told that they RAF would still take another 180 days to make payment. The medical bills were becoming a problem and we needed an urgent RAF loan."
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" My late wife wanted to leave a legacy and RAF CASH helped! The R3.1 million claim is invested in quality companies and has grown to almost R5 million for our grand childrens' future."
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Join RAF Cash's Refer & Earn program: a rewarding opportunity to earn referral fees by connecting RAF claimants with bridging finance solutions.


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